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Privacy Policy

Sricam Shop respect and protect everyone uses the personal privacy of service users. In order to provide a more accurate, more personalized, Sricam Shop will use and disclose your personal information in accordance with this Privacy Policy. But Sricam shop APP will be a high degree of diligence, prudence obligation to treat such information. Except as otherwise provided in this privacy policy, in case you did not obtain prior authorization under,Sricam shop APP will not disclose such information, or to third parties. Sricam Shop APP will update this Privacy Policy from time to time. When you accept the service contract Sricam Shop APP, is deemed to have accepted all of the contents of this privacy policy. This Statement of Privacy Sricam Shop APP services are an integral part of using the protocol.

1 Scope

a) when using network services Sricam Shop app, receives and records part of your phone information automatically, including but not limited to, your IP address, the use of language, data access and information time, such as the hardware and software features of the data;

b)Sricam Shop acquired through legal means from a business partner to users' personal data.

2 Use of information

a) Sricam Shop APP will not be available to unrelated third parties, sell, rent, share or trade your personal information unless prior authorization, or the third and Sricam Shop APP (including affiliates) alone or together with your service, and at the end of the service, will be denied access to this information, including all its previous accessible.

b) APP Sricam Shop not allow any third party to any means to collect, modify, sell or distribute your personal information free of charge. Any users of the platform Sricam Shop APP as engaged in these activities, once discovered, our right to immediately terminate the service agreement with the user.

c) for the purposes of service users, Sricam Shop APP possible through the use of your personal information to provide you with the information you need, including but not limited to, information about products and services sent to you, or with the our partners to enable them to share information to send you information about their products and services (the latter requires your consent.)

3 of personal information

In the following cases, Sricam Shop APP will be disclosed in accordance with the provisions of the law on your personal desires or all or part of your personal information:

a) from its prior consent, be disclosed to third parties;

b) to provide the products and services required, and must share your personal information to third parties;

c) in accordance with the relevant provisions of the law, or administrative or judicial bodies required to disclose to third parties, or the executive, the judiciary;

d) If you appear violation of applicable Italian laws, regulations, or service agreement Sricam Shop  APP or rules relating to the need for communication to third parties;

e) If you are the intellectual property eligibility and the complainant filed a complaint, the complainant should be required to disclose to the defendant for the rights of the parties involved in any disputes;

f) a transaction platform Sricam Shop APP created as part of the transaction or any part of fulfilling the obligation to perform the operation and proposed required disclosure of information,Sricam Shop APP right to decide to provide the necessary information to users of its counterparties and other details to facilitate completion of the transaction settlement or litigation.

g) Other Sricam Shop APP under the laws, regulations or policies deemed appropriate disclosure website.

The information storage and exchange

Sricam Shop APP collect information about you and your information will be stored in Sricam Shop APP and (or) on its server investee, such information and data can be sent to your country, region or abroad Sricam Shop  APP collect information and data relating to the location and Overseas accessing, archiving and visualization.

5 Safety Information

a) account Sricam Shop APP has security features, you should keep your user name and password. Sricam Shop APP through the encryption of user passwords and other security measures to ensure your information is not lost, it will not be abused or altered. Despite the security measures above, but please note that there is no "perfect security" on the data network.

b) When you use the network services Sricam Shop APP for online transactions, you will inevitably want to counterparties and potential counterparties to disclose their personal information, such as contact information or mailing address. Please adequately protect their personal data available to third parties only when necessary under the circumstances. If you find that your personal information is compromised, especially Sricam Shop APP losses username and password, please contact customer service immediately so Sricam Shopo APP adopt corresponding measures.